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This is awkward...

Welp.. This is awkward... The last time I posted on here it was 2018, I was a 16 year old going to FIT precollege program (didn't get in by the way rip) and I was determined to be big in the fashion marketing industry. Oh and I didn't live through a global crisis yet. Now, I'm 20 (beat teen pregnancy woo), going to Pace University for entertainment management and working behind the scenes of Broadway... I personally think I live a much cooler life than the one I envisioned growing up.

So in the four years you haven't heard from me, I became an ultimate theatre nerd, I graduated high school in 2020 (yikes), I started dating my 6th grade crush, moved to FiDi for school, became president of a marketing club at said school ( ) ,met some really awesome super cool likeminded individuals and started an ad agency.. I guess you can say I kept busy and that my non existent blog posting is justified. As one of my YouTube faves Mikes Mic once said "Would you rather never slay again? Or slay so hard it loses all meaning?" Do with that what you will.

I'm not quite sure what I want this blog to be honestly, I think I got bored because I put wayyyy too much pressure on it to fit something. How can someone write blogs about travel when travel was restricted? Or about lifestyle when my lifestyle was sitting in my Long Island home all day with my cat? But now I think my life is pretty fucking cool so I might just talk about that.. Some Broadway stuff here, NYC life there and a sprinkle of starting your own non-profit at twenty years old on top. Read what you'd like, I know not doing a genre may bite me in the ass when I get 0 views on something no one cares about but HEY that's business baby (Please read everything I'm begging you, society makes you feel like your value comes from numbers and my self esteem WILL take a toll if you don't)

I think that's all I'm gonna write today because I'm trying to take a "ease my way back into it" approach so I don't go awol for another four years again. Lemme know what you guys want to read! I think I have a comment section set up, if I don't that's totally embarrassing and ignore that last part... BYYYYEEEEE

<3 Bella


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