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Women's March 2018

My body, my choice. My country, my voice.

January 20th 2018, the streets of Manhattan filled with nasty women fighting for a cause. Fighting for our rights.

You hear the roars get louder and louder the closer you get and all you think is "its go time."

People of all ages were present and it was truley a powerful feeling. To see the "ogs" who have been doing this for many decades and the next generation who arent even old enough to vote yet, was simply amazing. Kids who can barely walk were there, sitting on their parents shoulders yelling "this is what democracy looks like!" With their fist up in the air.

The waves of people just makes your eyes light up in excitment.

Not a single thing can ruin this moment.

Here are some pictures of the Womens March in NYC to give you a better idea, enjoy!

#METOO movement

Always fight for what you belive in!

Enough about the wall!

We will overCOMB

We the pussy/ Femme aint frail!

We hold these truthes to be self evident that all are created equal! (Ofc I needed a Hamilton sign in here)

This is what democracy looks like!

Dont wait for the change, be the change! Get out there! Vote! March! Do not keep quiet!

Its our time ladies now lets get out there and RESIST!


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