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Louis Vuitton exhibition

Volez, Voguez, and Voyagez.

Fellow blogger ( and I took a trip to the Louis Vuitton exhibition in Manhattan and all I have to say is it was breath taking.

You walk in to what looks like a subway station. On one side is the typical subway tile wall, but instead of streets you have Louis Vuitton. Perfect for some photo opportunities! On the other side you have a realistic video of a subway passing by with some awesome LV graffiti all over the "train." It really feels like you're in a subway station except in an alternate universe where they're clean and don't smell like pee.

After the subway station, you walk into a room with a huge photo of the man, the myth, the legend Louis Vuitton.

To the right of this ~beautiful man~ was his famous trunk that helped launch his career into the brand we know today.

Skipping ahead a little bit to the "voyagez" section. You walk into a huge room, one side with a boat setting and the other side a desert setting, both very realistic. On the boat side you see the different types of luggage/outfits you would wear traveling the ocean and on the desert side you see the same. The types of luggage and outfits you would wear but in a different setting.

Another voyagez room was for air travel. You walk into a big blue room with a plane as your main focus. On the wings of the plane are the types of bags/luggage you'd bring for the plane. To the right of that you see some gorgeous dresses with the classic Louis Vuitton brown checkered print.

Skipping ahead again, you enter a room with more of LV's modern work from the bags with famous artists work printed on it, to the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration.

Of course there is so much more to this exhibition than what I wrote in this post but I would rather not spoil it for those who are planning on going and to hopefully get more people interested in going. Hope you enjoyed!

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