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London. The first stop on my long trip around Europe and probably my favorite. The art scene and the people are just awesome. The food was not the best but everything else was quite enjoyable.

Fun story, My dad lost our passports at the airport and we almost left before realizing they're gone. The bathroom stalls were so nice he just had to get comfortable and take everything out of his pockets. Thankfully, we obviously found them because if not i'd still be there. Next day comes around and for breakfast I had a bomb burrito at this place called The Breakfast Club. Its a cool little place upstairs but downstairs is a bar. I didn't go in i just know you have to go through a secret door. After that we do bunch of touristy stuff to get it out of the way. Madame Tussauds was actually really cool. They were creepily realistic. It didn't help that House of Wax was the first horror movie I ever watched. The overall place was an experience, you "meet" your favorite celebrities, and historical figures, you can go on an interactive Sherlock Holmes hunt, and even go on a fun ride to learn about the history of Britain. After that I went over to the London Eye and it was a gorgeous view. Seeing the sun go down and the lights turn on just gave you a feeling of "Wow, I'm really here."

My last day was filled with shopping and art pretty much. I went to Primark and got two full bags and a new carry on for $130 which is crazy cheap. $130 (depending on where you go) can get you basically nothing in the U.S. My last and final stop of my London trip was this neighborhood Bricklane. I got big Brooklyn vibes there so if you, just like my last post, love hipstery areas, this is for you. Met a very talented and cool artist, his name is Karl Asteronyme if ya feel like looking him up. He told us about this place under the bridge called Nomadic Community Gardens. Its basically a huge art exhibit, they take junk and repurpose it into sculptures and seating areas and even a cafe. The area surrounding it is a rainbow of graffiti everywhere, it was truly gorgeous site.

Sadly my London experience was coming to an end but next stop, Italy!

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