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Lisbon, Portugal

If I were asked, "Where is a beautiful place to visit?" the first city that would pop into my mind is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The cobbled streets and steep hills made the walk with luggage slightly intolerable, but the view is breathtaking.

Unfortunately I was only there for two nights but surprisingly, got a lot done. I tried their iconic (and delicious)

Pastel de Nata (a good tip to not wait on that extremely long line. Go inside, sit down and order some coffee with the pastry. Trust me, it goes a lot quicker.)

Another area I went to was the Parca do Comercio, (as you can see in the back of the photo) a huge empty square with the statue of King Jose in the center. I was sitting down by the water listening to a man play on his electric guitar. The sounds of the waves and people singing along with the man on his guitar made it one of my favorite experiences.

Unfortunately, my last day approached but I still had time for one more thing. A couple hours before I had to fly home, I went to this very cool place called LX FACTORY. It had a Dumbo/ Brooklyn Flea vibe to it, which is my kind of place. If you like street art and hipster coffee shops, this is for you. We got there pretty early so nothing was really going on but about an hour later the shops and vendors started opening up. I ate at this cool place for breakfast called Wish Slow Coffee House where the menu you get only has three selections. Not that hungry, kind of hungry and very hungry. You can order other things too of course but I think the three selection menu is interesting. I ordered the kind of hungry and it was actually perfect for being -kind of hungry- I got a croissant, yogurt with granola, some bread and Nutella. Simple and delicious. After that I got some cool gifts for family and a great shirt for myself.

On my way back to the apartment I was sad to leave but happy to finally get home after my two week Euro trip.

I had the worst head cold on the plane so I was ready to get off and go home. "Finally! I get to sleep in!" Is what I thought driving home but I was still on Portugal time, five hours ahead of New York so I didn't get to sleep in sadly. Do you know that feeling of being away from your bed so long and you finally get the chance to flop in like a fish? Yup. Exactly how I felt.

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